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Centre for City Ecology

An 18 month tenure that saw the Centre for City Ecology deliver on several key priorities and programming objectives; 7 lectures, 3 exhibits, 5 events and 3 workshops and the wrap up of TENT and the Community Planning Board Working Group Pilot projects in the Scarborough neighbourhood of Kingston-Galloway Orton Park. We worked to consolidate the CCEs mandate by focusing on core programming; prioritizing lectures and organizing high profile events; YIMBY, the exhibit How does your Neighbourhood Grow and the interactive density model with the Agents of Urban Change and the 10 No Brainers to Make Toronto More Awesome campaign.


Read a copy of the CCEs final year end report here

PuSh Festival

POP* TACTICS reading the public  * privately owned public space
A symposium exploring the constructive disruption + rescripting of the public realm. KEYNOTE: Aranzazu Fernandez Rangel PANEL: Mariano Pensotti [writer, Sometimes I think, I can see you] Aranzazu Fernandez Rangel [associate, muf architecture/art] , Raymond Boisjoly [artist, Vancouver] MODERATOR: Randy Lee Cutler

Cartographic Exploits Marking Territory in the Contemporary City
A one-day symposium + installation exploring the spatial poetics of Vancouver KEYNOTE: Nato Thompson [Creative Time]

Frontier Space [competition + installation]
Balloon Caught  [winning entry]
Vancouver BC

FrontierSpace called for innovative proposals to transform a laneway [100 Block Water Street] in Gastown into a viable public space. The winning entry, Balloon Caught, was installed in Trounce Alley for three days and drew thousands of visitors. The project received international recognition and was widely published in design magazines and the press.

Winning design: Satoshi Matsuoka & Yuki Tamura, Tokyo
Organising Team: SpaceAgency: Mari Fujita, Helena Grdadolnik, Henning Knoetzele, Oliver Neumann, Peeroj Thakre, Annabel Vaughan, John Wall, Adele Weder with The Vancouver League
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