Evan Lee | Ocean Lady Migrant Ship
Evan Lee | Ocean Lady Migrant Ship

co-curated with Makiko Hara - Centre A, Vancouver

A group exhibition that marked the centennial of the BC Electric Railway building, the past home of Centre A. Addressing the importance of the building in the collective memory of Vancouver. The exhibition invited six contemporary artists, to draw on the multiple histories of the site and neighborhood presenting concepts of arrival and departure, place, immigrant mobility, and transit.


Raymond Boisjoly (text based installation)
Stan Douglas (photography)
Ali Kazimi (film)
Vanessa Kwan (installation)
Cindy Mochizuki (multi-media installation)
Evan Lee (installation)


The catalogue can be viewed here

Songs of the False Creek Flats
with Veda Hille

Theatre Replacement and Western Front Media Arts presented the debut performance of a new song cycle by Veda Hille, accompanied by a visual narrative by Annabel Vaughan. In honour of the City’s 125th birthday the work animated a vast area of the city that lays dormant - the False Creek Flats.

Secret Publicity/Publicité Secrète
Secret Publicity/Publicité Secrète

Secret Publicity/Publicité Secrète
Secret Publicity/Publicité Secrète

Vancouver [de]tour Guide 2010

with Rob Brownie, Am Johal, Alan McConchie,

Kristina Lee Podesva, and Althea Thauberger

As host city of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver attracted global attention and a surge in tourism. This guide offered visitors unique and unparalleled views of our home city.  The Guide was a multi-layered Google map, collectively rendered by local residents that looked at multiple scenes, perspectives, histories and points of interest. Visitors were encouraged to browse the site for an insiders’ guide to the city. For us, it was vital to complicate the sanitized ‘best place on earth’ version of the city that VANOC was officially promoting worldwide.


The Guide offered a venue for divergent representations of space illustrating how space

is determined socially through conflict and contestation. Within this project, to simply map a place was not a question of promotion or rejection of a site, but a way of showing how spaces are valued differently.

Also published in

Secret Publicity/Publicité Secrète [2011]

La Fonderie Darling - Montréal